Wednesday, August 13, 2008


First of all today is our 10 month anniversary. Can you believe it's been 10 months??
ten months ago today we were all in San Diego. It's 2pm now so we were all probably doing formals or something.


There is a gal who wrote a book called
From wild to child.
About how she was a rocker girl who got pregnant by accident - decided to keep the baby - got married to the guy - and now a few years later they are having baby number 2 - she is an author and into her life as a mom.

Today I read her blog and her post was funny so I thought I'd post it here

Today Jerry bought me a necklace for my 40th birthday. It's a locket so I can put a photo of the baby in there and a photo of jerry and I. Right now the only photo I have of the baby is from the ultrasound so I'm going to make a copy of it and put that in there. I think that will be really nice to have something so sentimental on me all the time. Some times I am away from Jerry - like on the other side of LA which feels like further then another planet - and I am lonely for him.
I have a lot of friends here. Most of which are coming to my party which is totally great - but Jerry is my sweetness. I hate it when he leaves for work some days! ( some days I am totally fine with it! ).
anyhow - I love my new necklace and how personal it is.

fun facts:
found out the gal that owns the hair salon that my photos are up in is 9 weeks pregnant. We both creamed with glee in an e-mail to each other when we found out. I see her Friday. I can't wait to talk with her.

having lunch tomorrow with a new friend who is pregnant and due in December.

meeting an old friend from Paper Source next week who adopted a baby boy a few months ago. I met him but now that I am pregnant I want to spend time with him. And she doesn't know yet so I get to tell her next week.

ok - I need to go be a good - nice - wife and go clean the will stun my husband!

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