Saturday, August 2, 2008

18 days left in the first trimester......

yep - the baby is the size of a kumquat. What a funny thing to compare it to.
yesterday my parents took me to a maternity shop and bought my my first maternity tops.I must say they are SO SO CUTE. The store has little foam "bump" with velcro on the back so you can put it on at your belly to see what the clothing will look like once you start to show. It was so funny to have a pregnant belly really showing underneath all the tops. One of the tops says " due in march "
I was thinking of wearing it to my birthday party and seeing if people get it.
But I will probably wear a cute little dress instead. Most of my friends know at this point. Only a small handful haven't heard yet who will be at the party.
However it will be great to announce that I am past the first trimester. That will be such a relief. 18 more days to go. 17 more days until my 21 years of sobriety. then another 10 until my 40th birthday. August is JAM PACKED.

I have more energy - less dizzy - and feel more inspired to make my artwork again.
Today we are going to target to pick up a gift for our friends baby shower that happens Sunday. That should be fun for us to see what that is like and take a look at all the baby stuff. I'm starting to think about the baby room and how to paint it.
But first we have to move the office out of there and I started that process last week.

did I mention that my baby loves mexican food?
Oy Vey.
I CRAVE it all the time. It's pretty funny.
I would love a corn tortilla RIGHT NOW.

Smothered in butter.

Did I mention my breakfast lately?

I make a quesadilla with a sprouted grain tortilla with extra sharp cheddar cheese, sliced green olives, sliced tomatoes and scrambled eggs. Then i have a grapefrui, or a glass of orange juice.

When jerry is home on the weekends we like to make scrambled eggs with gluten free waffles, earth balance spread, and agave nectar....jerry uses syrup and makes himself a cappuccino.

Guess I'm hungry!


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