Friday, August 29, 2008


the baby is the size of a lemon
or it will be on Monday.
that is what the website says.

This week they compared our baby to a shrimp.
I just can't deal with that.
A lemon - fine.
a piece of shrimp? Not so much.

trying to sleep on my left side. It's the best side for blood flow to the baby.
Guess what? That is the most uncomfortable side for me.

Do you have a way of sleeping that never works for you?
try to stay in that position tonight.
Oh ya, lots of fun and comfort.

not much to say, just glad the baby is doing well and hanging on.

yesterday I got to hear a really horrible pregnancy story from a friend that took me to lunch for my birthday. What exactly was she thinking? I hear that once you tell people you are pregnant - they love to tell you horror stories. And on top of it - the horror story took place at exactly the same time I am pregnant now. 13-14 weeks.

Can you say TACKY?

I told her that pregnant gals don't really enjoy hearing stories like that and that she needed to change the subject.

I felt proud of myself for saying that. It was one step away from saying:
I don't appreciate talking about pregnancy horror stories while I am pregnant.
I find it tacky, disrespectful, and horrible and I want to leave now.
That was what i was thinking- but wasn't feeling bold enough to actually say that.

She did change the subject. and I tried to move on and be present for the rest of our date but I was still shocked at her choice of subject matter.....

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