Tuesday, August 19, 2008

when does this trimester end?

I thought it was today - at week twelve.
But now I am reading that it is next week!
Week Thirteen.

This trimester never ends.

p.s. I haven't seen any spotting in 3 days.
and my cramps weren't really bad last night.

that is relieving.

today at some point I will take a shower and go to the cupcake store and order all the cupcake for my birthday party.
That will be my one errand for the day.

Then back to the couch for knitting, and watching the movies I rented.

isn't that photo above CUTE?
I like those colors on the walls. and that baby!

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amymeszaros said...

Hooray for making it to the 19th!!!! It is a landmark, even if you're not feeling better yet. That tomato is hanging on!!! Hee!