Saturday, August 9, 2008

the size of a fig

The size of our baby is about the size of a fig.
Today I had the best granola from the M Cafe and it had figs in it.
I never eat them ( i like them I just don't think to buy them ) so it's funny that they were in my breakfast this morning and I see a comparison today of our baby's size to that of a fig.

Figs are fabulous aren't they?


9 days until my 21 years of sobriety

Yes you heard me - TWENTY ONE YEARS.


10 days until the end of the first trimester


13 days until our next doctor's appointment and the day we officially announce the pregnancy to Jerry's work mates
and I call my Grandma in Chicago, the other Grandma in Hawaii, and we call all of the other close relatives, and send a mass e-mail out to everyone else.

14 days until my birthday party
and we announce the pregnancy to everyone there who hasn't yet heard the news.

19 days until my actual 40th birthday
yes you heard me - FORTY

This month is all about counting, practicing being in the present moment, patience, taking it easy, and celebrating every milestone in every way possible.

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