Friday, July 18, 2008

feel-good foods for pregnancy

I bought this book yesterday. I love the recipes inside and Can't wait to go to whole foods to pick up some of the ingredients. Even the cover - with the berries and milk makes my mouth water.

Still craving granola, fruit and soy milk. I may head this morning to get some.

By the way - the book I showed you all yesterday was a BIG HIT! JERRY LOVED IT! He loves Dr. Suess and when he saw it he stopped everything and read it to the little tomato - which we are calling a little blueberry this week.

YAY. I'm so glad he loves the book. It was the CUTEST thing EVER to see him get so into reading it to the baby.

Today mom is coming over to take a look at the house and give us some tips on the remodel. Looking forward to it.

Last night I told Andrew and Kirsten about the pregnancy - they screamed with happiness.

I told my friend Chris McLean as well who told me that God and the baby picked Jerry and I and that I am just here to help the little person be the best they can be. some how the way he said it I really really felt it. I cannot project what this baby will need - all I know is what I needed as a child and if I just give the baby what I needed I won't be listening to what the baby needs. I'll be projecting.
It's not a mini me. or a mini Jerry.

anyhow - I'm only 7 weeks along and I don't have to figure it all out today!

All I know is that the more people I tell the better I feel - the more secretive I am the more depressed I feel. Although I don't want the extended family to know - I sure enjoy sharing this news and celebrating it with my friends - who I know would be there if anything did go wrong - but at this point - nothing is wrong so I prefer to be in the moment and be excited.

ok - I have to run to santa monica this morning to get a photo framed for an upcoming show I'm in. Then lunch with mom and dinner with mom and Jerry.

Last night I felt a lot of stuff happening in the belly. Can't really describe it but it felt a little like cramping...I think the baby was hopping up and down after Jerry read the book!


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