Thursday, July 17, 2008

hi Joanne!!!!

Joanne called today. It made me cry. I love my friend Joanne and she lives on the other side of the U.S. of A.
Hi Joanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I bought a book called
"oh, baby, the places you'll go!" A book to be read in Utero.
from the works of Dr. Seuss.

It's a tiny little bite sized book that fits in a pocket.
I bought it for Jerry actually. So he can start reading to his little baby.
He doesn't know about this yet and he doesn't really read the blog unless I bring him over to the computer and show it to him, so you are all finding out before he is that he has a little book waiting for him when he gets home tonight. I wonder what he will think. Of course I think it's CUTE! But will he?? I have a feeling he will love it once he starts to read it outloud. It made me almost cry when I read it at Vroman's bookstore today.

Jerry finished the shed this morning. Pretty girl still hasn't gone inside to inspect and make sure she approves so we are all waiting to hear her report. But it is great to get that done because it means that we can start the process of moving our things around and getting the office made into a baby room, and the garage made into an
office/ guest bedroom with a full bathroom, sliding glass doors, air conditioning, yes - a real re-done garage...I'll show you all photos of our friends converted garage later so you can see our inspiration.

My mom ( hi mom! ) is coming over tomorrow to look at the house and garage and help us with the planning. I'm excited to get this rolling!!!!! ( thanks mom! )

Today I weigh in at 120.4
I ate 2 eggs, 2 pieces of wheat free bread with earth balance vegan spread for breakfast

lunch I went to Chipotle and had a bowl of rice, beans, chicken, lettuce, guacamole, cheese, and tomatos. It was good but not as tasty as I imagined it in my head.

CRAVING granola with fruit and soy milk. ( drooling just thinking about it )
Had some at the "M" cafe a few days ago and it was incredible.

Thinking about my 40th birthday party - Saturday August 23rd - if all goes well - we are going to announce the pregnancy at the party, and have a table set up with onsies and fabric paint for anyone who wants to paint one. We are also thinking of having a backdrop, and digital camera with cable release set up so people can take photos of themselves, and we will have it catered with mexican food( cheap mexican food nothing fancy ), and cake of course! our backyard is going to start being torn up by the remodel so it will be an obstacle course - but I think it's better then trying to have a party at a restaurant - I never get to talk to anyone that way, or at the beach - too much sand, or - well - I don't know where else to have a party! So the backyard sounds good to me!

what else - Bought a book about food for pregnancy which is SO SO GOOD. I cannot wait to try some of the recipes.

I actually WORKED yesterday. It was fun but it wiped me out.
Today I am working at home on the images I took - and it is very slow going.
Long story - but I HATE post production. Even on small jobs. I bet it's bad for the baby to feel so much disgust inside about work, so I might as well take it easy and not work then! ( HAHA! )wouldn't want the baby to feel stressed out!

tee heee.

ok - I am going to make a smoothie with plain yogurt, frozen mango and blueberries, and 1/4 tsp of turmeric. ( wish I had some granola!!!!!!!!!! )

have fun out there with tennis lessons, and being with just one child today Joanne.
I miss you.

And love amy, mom, dad, marty, brandon, and of course my baby and Jerry too.

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