Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hang On Little Tomato!!!!

YES! This is true. I found out a week ago today. On Tuesday June 24th.
This photo is the evidence.

Then of course I had to pee on another test to double check.

Then I peed in a cup at the doctors office the next day to triple check

Then I went to see an OB/GYN after that last test came back positive and it was time to move forward.

The OB/GYN says my due date is March 02, 2009
EXACTLY 7 years from the exact date Jerry and I met and Andrews wedding.

We got goosebumps when he said it.

It's been a week and We've told some people but not others. Sometimes I think keeping it a secret from my 12 step friends is crazy making. And other times I am grateful it is a secret because I don't always want to talk with people who don't have kids or who are not pregnant about being pregnant. It TOTALLY reminds me of being engaged and planning the wedding. It's that bubble kind of feeling. Only my body is changing right in front of my eyes, and I'm not feeling like I need to lose weight to fit into my dress! These days are filled with feeling light headed, dizzy, pressure in my belly, cramping, and just tired. Not like a tired I can really explain because I haven't done anything to be tired. I just don't feel like doing much and when I do I feel pretty tired during and wish I hadn't gone out.

This morning was the first really bad morning sickness. I ate different food yesterday. Added ezeikiel bread, almond butter, and made what we are calling the Sean Whitler Smoothie. all delicious. And necessary ( I think ) for the babies growth and health. But maybe it was too much?

I just felt like I had a case of really bad sea sickness. I felt wobbly, dizzy, and nauseated. Not fun.

I feel better now - about 4 hours later.

Jerry and I are really excited about this new adventure. We are preparing to prepare the house, making plans to change the office into the baby room, and the first step is to clean out the garage, and move the stuff from the office into the I see a raise of hands for people that want to help us??

This morning we were talking about making a stencil of a design we make and painting the room with it. Could be reminiscent of our wedding invitation......stay tuned there may be a little crowned boy and girl on the ceiling or something....wait that might freak out the baby......

Anyhow - this will be our new place to post about all the changes going on in my belly, and in our lives as we count down the days to our new addition.
It's mainly a way for us to keep track of all the tiny little things that rush by so that we can have evidence of each step, and the process it took to get there - hopefully we can print these pages out - and have it bound at kinkos or something and give it to our child when they are old enough to care - which might be like
age 39 - based on my own experiences.....
Plus it's driving me nuts to keep a secret so this way I feel like I'm getting it down on "paper" and off my chest.
Speaking of chests...I need a new bra already. one for day and one for night. My boobs are KILLING ME!!!!

I'm also going to start taking a photo of the belly either - every day - or every week on the same day - haven't decided yet. Of course I try to make it this big elaborate photo essay project thing ( should I use the 4x5 camera? Should I use the digital? Should they be black and white? Should these be small square images that I make into a flip book? oh my god JUST TAKE THE PICTURE ALREADY! )
So I will start that today. July 2 2008.

stats: 118.2 lbs weigh in today. ( one pound weight gain since Friday! )
belly looks the same to Jerry but I can see it and it feels harder to me too.
my heart is beating hard today.

Toda I love flourless bread - made into toast - and smothered with almond butter, and earth balance.


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