Saturday, July 12, 2008

weekend update

Today Jerry and I went out for Mexican food. I had enchiladas, rice, beans.
Feels like the little baby doesn't mind it - but we are both exhausted now. ( the baby and me )

Jerry and I were going to go to an engagement party tonight - but Jerry went without me so I could power lounge. I was completely wiped out after just one errand and lunch out.

That is about how it's been lately. I do one thing and then take myself home and put myself to bed. I'm pretty tired of watching tv. I'm going to start renting movies and watching the entire box set of "sex in the city", and anything else I find that catches my eye.

Time is going by so slowly it is incredible. 6 more weeks of the first trimester. I am looking very forward to telling everyone the news.

This week I've been waking up at about 4am and staying wide awake for about 3 hours - then going back to sleep but when I get up - it's about 10:30am and I feel like I was hit by a bus. It's a bit strange.
Right now I feel some cramping. At this point I know that it's normal. The baby is suppose to start waving his/her little hands around. Maybe he/she is saying
" more chips and salsa please mama! "

look - she/he already has such good manners!

p.s. one of my friends thinks it is a BOY.
I thought that too - that was my very first thought when I found out I was pregnant.

Do any of you have a "feeling" about it?

They say that girls make the mom have more morning sickness - and I don't have a very bad case of it....another sign that it's a boy??

We already have a name if it's a girl - so we've been trying to figure out boy names in case my intuition is right. But - just so you know - my intuition ain't so good. I didn't think I could really get pregnant.....

p.s. we aren't going to tell you the baby names we pick out. Too many opinions out there. This one will be private.

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