Tuesday, July 8, 2008

week 6 - ?

we think we are at week 6. but the doctor said i could be 8 weeks along.

My friend brooke told me about babycenter.com
and to sign up for the daily e-mails. They send you a picture each week of the size of what your baby is at that time in it's development.
Right now if I am at 6 weeks the baby is the size of a lentil bean and it has a tail. yes a tail.
It also has 2 black dots for eyes, a beating heart, buds for ears, tiny hands shaped like paddles with webbing, the baby is forming vocal cords and a tongue right now.

No wonder I feel so ill. There is a lot going on in there. yesterday was a hard day. I was on the couch for most of it and did not feel good at all. I would get more graphic but I'll keep that private to spare you the details.

Looking at starting prenatal yoga classes but I may just need to pick up a DVD for home until I feel like I can leave the house without getting ill.

I'm looking into hypnobirthing. It was explained to me by a toltec friend of mine who did it and she says it is a LOT like dreaming. Sounds good to me.

What doesn't sound good to me right now is FOOD. I am totally not interested. It makes me ill thinking about it. I do eat 3 meals per day - and I'm eating my usual turkey burger - plain without the bun, and a salad with flax oil and braggs, added some cottage cheese, some wheat free gluten free toast, eggs and grapefruit for breakfast as usual. But the entire time I am eating I feel really ill. Nauseated and not hungry at all. The thought of breakfast this morning is totally unappealing.

However - I want those little webbed paddles to develop into hands, and the rest of those little starter organs to develop into strong structures to make a healthy baby so I eat it and deal.

Jerry is busy cleaning the kitchen this morning while I type. He is running the house while I run the baby making factory. I think he was made to be a papa.

Today I weigh in at 119.4
My breasts are VERY VERY Sore and I wear an athletic bra thing all day and night. It hurts to roll over in bed or to lay flat on my back because the "ladies" are so sore.
My back hurts a little bit. I get very strong cramping in my belly, followed by runs to the bathroom, diarrea, and nausea. I don't want to eat anything. I don't want to leave the house yet because I'm pretty quesy, dizzy and lightheaded. Exhausted just from getting up from the couch to walk across the room. No energy. No interest in doing much of anything.

Jerry feels good, excited, happy, thrilled, helpful, generous, easy going, nurturing, kind, interested in learning about the baby, interested in making the house baby ready, working on the new fence, the new shed, cleaning the kitchen, making food, getting me water or food so I don't have to get up, etc... He is 100% available, and into it.
Thank god.

I'm so lucky. and so is our baby!

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