Friday, November 7, 2008

back from hawaiian getaway

yes we are back. I'm feeling the back from hawaii blues. But happy we got to go!
here is one of the photos we took of ourselves during sunset at the Kaanapali Beach Club where we stayed. it was right on the beach. It had a great big pool with luxury lounge chairs. a restaurant, a convenience store, valet parking, mini golf, scuba lessons, koi ponds, exotic birds in cages near the front desk who talked with you, yes this place was something else.
I wore the bikini. yes I did. let the belly hang out. It was fun actually to show it off. I loved that. who me - Lover of attention? NAH.


I'm at week 23 now - in some books that means I'm in the 6th month - and in others I'm in 5.5 months. It drives me nuts.
But The baby is very active and I love feeling him in there. Feels like he is building a fort, and trying out morris code or trying to get the hell out of there.

More photos to come. My cell phone isn't working. A lot of the photos I took where on there and I need to e-mail them to myself. Might be a while.

Tomorrow we are driving to Marina del Rey to my friend Andrew's older brother's house to pick up the new - used - Bugaboo Stroller we are buying from them. It's in perfect condition and I hear that it's one that people say is Top of the line. my parents are buying it for us as a shower gift - early. YAY!

We are going to buy a new crib soon from another friend of ours. This crib is ROUND. I LOVE IT. She got it for $1500 with the bedding and is selling it all to us for much much much much much less. The baby only slept in it ONCE. So it really is NEW. The baby ended up sleeping in their bed instead.

We are excited about getting the baby room started. It's looking more and more like a storage room again and less like a baby room.

Next on the list is a bed of some sort for adults to sleep in ( like myself ) or a guest that might have wheels on it or something so that they aren't stuck in the baby room! That wouldn't be fun for them I don't think. But I just don't know exactly what to do about that yet. I called my mom but she was busy having her hair done. I don't really remember what that's like! It's been 5-6 months without coloring my hair. It's a nice thing to not have to go. it is such a burden trying to hide things like grey hair.

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