Sunday, November 9, 2008

Jerry's first scuba dive

Dear little tomato, little bean, little pot pie, sweet baby boy seiner,

here are a few photos from your papa's first scuba dive in Maui on Nov. 1st 2008.
There is a photo of your mama looking pregnant with you. I showed you off in a bikini. I'm so proud to be carrying you!
We started to gravitate toward sea turtles for your baby room because of our love of Maui and of Sea turtles that live in the ocean there. The first stuft animal we bought for you was in Paia in Maui of a giant turtle. We hope you like it. It's bigger then you are right now. And it will make a great pillow or something to squeeze when you are old enough. I can feel you moving around in my tummy right now - swimming around in the warm waters of your home inside my body. Just like the turtles swim around in the warm waters of Maui. green and blue are the colors of the first baby blanket I'm knitting for you. Reminding me of the calm of the ocean at Napili Bay, our favorite beach.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the 24th week. Some say this is the 6th month - depends on the book I look at or website I view. All I know is that you are growing and your heart rate is normal and you like to move. I wonder what it feels like every time I laugh out loud. Your papa has me laughing a lot. I laugh so loud that I wonder if you can hear me and feel how happy I am. I wonder what all that giggling and jiggling is like for you. I wonder if it makes you giggle inside. I look forward to hearing you giggle with your papa. He is so fun and funny. he will charm you I'm certain! and of course you will charm him too!

I look forward to bringing you to Maui some day. To meet the sea turtles and to hear the ocean and feel how it moves you about just like you move about right now inside of me. your Papa will dive down to the bottom of the ocean and find treasures for you just like he does for me and we can throw them back to the ocean where they came from together!

Your papa just sent me an e-mail from The Who Concert he is at right now. He says he misses me. I miss him too. But I'm glad he got to go and enjoy a concert that is historic and epic. I'm home with our cat Pretty Girl who I don't think really knows that you are on the way here. But we just picked up a stroller and it's sitting in the middle of our Living Room so maybe she knows something is up?? Hard to tell. I wish she spoke English. She is 15 years old and I hope she is around long enough for you to meet her and get to know her and feel how soft her fur is and how awesome it feels and sounds to hear her purr.
My first pet was a cat named Flakey. I don't remember her but she was the beginning of my love for cats and animals. I don't know why I am telling you this exactly - but I do know that I experienced such a deep love and joy from animals and I hope that you experience that as well for yourself. Maybe you will love tigers and giraffes? Maybe lizards and bugs? Maybe you'll be fascinated by elephants or crocodiles? Or maybe animals won't do it for you at all. I think your papa loved his dog growing up and has stories to tell you of his friendships with the dog clan over the years.

I just read an article about baby boys who have dolls. I'm into that idea. We shall see if you are.


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