Sunday, November 23, 2008

a little pampering at 3am

It's 4:30am and I am wide awake. I've been up since about 2am trying desperately to get to sleep but I have the second wave of a cold that I thought was on the outs. Friday night was TERRIBLE. No sleep at all. Tonight I actually feel better but the lack of being able to breathe out of my nose is keeping me from sleeping. I'm just grateful that the coughing is less consistent , and the mucus has gone as well, except for that darn runny nose... What a relief.

After about an hour of tossing and turning I decided to get out of bed - and take a candle lit bubble bath and drink some tea.
This tea - Amy sent it to me when she found out I was pregnant. And I LOVE it. I'm working on my second cup now.

I watched the glow of the candles and the steam rising off of my mug of tea while I soaked. It was a nice change from laying in bed and feeling frustrated! I wondered - once the little guy is born - when will I get to take one of these long baths again?
I have a feeling it may be something that Jerry and I work out - bath time. Probably not at first - but as soon as we figure out what the little guy needs and don't feel completely overwhelmed.

Little bubalah is pretty active - right now he seems to be resting - oh - I spoke too soon, I just felt another round of kicks or something. I can't believe there is a little dude in there! It's totally amazing. I can't wait to meet the little guy and stick him into a cute little outfit. ok - I know- He will just be crying, pooping, sleeping, peeing, and eating and I will be changing about 15 diapers a day. Who needs to be in a cute outfit when all you are doing is basic bodily functions??? Well I DO! Hehehe.

I did a diaper survey with some of my friends and relatives and basically found out that there isn't one diaper that stands out as the leader of the pack. Everyone does it differently. Cloth, diaper service, g diaper, pampers, huggies, it is all over the place. I guess I was hoping to find out if one stood out - but nothing did except that everyone agrees that every baby is different and that diapers don't fit on all babies - you have to try them out and see what works. Even if you have a " save the planet - use cloth diapers!!" point of view - that doesn't mean that your baby won't get a horrible diaper rash with the best eco friendly version and do better with huggies....which is what one mama and papa went through. We shall see how this all sorts out.

No baby news updates tonight. Just a mama update about my cold. I'm sure it isn't that interesting. But for me it's epic. I hate being sick. And it's uncomfortable for me to be sick when I'm pregnant. The dr. says it's fine and doesn't harm the baby unless I have a temperature and I don't.

On that note - enjoy pampering yourself and staying healthy!

And congratulations to Soulemama on the birth of her baby boy!
Harper Jude Soule

here is a link to the cute baby photo!!

I'll post the usual Monday Baby Center update tomorrow....
and P.S. I just figured out that there are 99 days left until the birth ETA! HOLY COW. We are working in double digits now.

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