Sunday, November 9, 2008

mr president

I'm SO happy for our little fellah - that we will have a new president a few months before he is born. Barack Obama was elected the last day we were in Maui, and I am still high from the historic event. Our son will never know a world when this was not possible. only in his history books. Isn't that amazing? The last 8 years I've felt so upset and frustrated with what our country was honoring. War, Immaturity, Ego, the "trickle down theory", Torture, 10 times the debt we had with President Bill Clinton ( one of my all time favorite presidents ),and a guy in office who couldn't form a complete sentence.

Now we have HOPE

Now we have the beginning of what Martin Luther King Jr. was Dreaming about. What an amazing time.

I hear the new president is already looking over what he can reverse as soon as he gets into office. He wants to open up Stem Cell Research. Put a ban on drilling in some part of Utah or something like that. I'm not certain. Feels like a huge relief to me that he has the power to do such things.

Yes We Can!

I am looking forward to showing our little one how amazing our Country is now. I'm already getting more involved in helping create the vision Obama has. We are going to start a family tradition every thanksgiving and as many christmases that we can to go help feed the needy. Hopefully this will extend past just holiday time. I'd love to be a family who works as a team to help those who are less fortunate. I've never actually done that before - and always wanted to. We have a very luxurious life compared to many. And as I say that I realize that I have way too many lights on right now and need to walk around the house and turn them off to conserve energy, money, and resources.
Going to hop off and go take care of that right now.

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