Wednesday, November 19, 2008

letter to little bubalah

dear little bubalah,

It's a Sunny bright gorgeous day here in Los Angeles this morning. Your papa is doing the dishes from last night while I just finished up making our bed and getting ready to go out. We are heading to the medical lab for a routine blood test to find out if I have gestational diabetes. I have to drink a glass of sugar water and then wait an hour and then have a blood test to see how my body reacts to sugar. I did this same test when I was a teenager. We thought I might be anemic but the test came back negative.
I'm not worried about this test. If I do have it - then the doctors can help us with whatever it is I need to change or do. If I don't, then we can just carry on.

I put on a new top for our outing today that is hugging you quite nicely. I love to show you off I must say! Just wait until you are born! That is most likely not going to change! I hope you don't get embarrassed by all the fussing!!

You woke up and did your morning dance routine again this morning at 8am like clock work. I just love that. I sang to you while you danced. " baby baby when I think of you, I get a waaaaaarm feelin insiiiiiiide!" I know that song was about a woman thinking about her man, but it somehow fits when a mama thinks of her baby too! While I was singing that song your papa started to wiggle and dance around and snap his fingers. It was a mini dance party! I don't know the rest of the song so it basically ends there! But it's a fun little tune while you are wiggling in my belly in the morning. Another song that came to me last night was
" beautiful beautiful beautiful,,,, beautiful boyyyyyyy " by the beatles.
You make me break out in song whenever you start to move around in there - which is quite often! Luckily your papa doesn't mind my attempts at singing! And usually he joins in or is the featured dancer of the event. I have a feeling there will be more singing and dancing around the house when you are born.
P.S. I hope you aren't minding the occasional "sweet child o mine" by guns and roses!
I wonder if you can hear or feel it thump thumping when we drive down the road in the car with the radio turned up with my loud bangin music. They say I am suppose to play soft delicate music for you - but we don't even know you yet - maybe you love reggae, or rap?

Well it's time to hit the road and head to the medical lab...maybe today we will play some gwen stefani or no doubt on the way to the office and see if you wiggle!

We love you little wiggles!



Katye said...

I love the idea that the babies can hear / feel the songs that get sung to them. It makes the connection more poignant somehow...and our connection to music once we are all out of the womb more explainable.

Hey, don't have diabetes, eh? I think you have enough going on just cooking that Tamale!

XXOO KT and Tenant

Catherine Just said...

I'll do my best to not have diabetes!
That was a fun test though. Got to drink up a bottle of something that tasted like orange soda. The baby was pretty into it! Bouncing of the "walls" in there.

Yes - I wonder what it sounds like to the baby, because I have heard that it is already a lound environment in there. It sounds like a loud vacuum cleaner in there so I wonder how on earth they can also hear music??

c + baby bubalah