Thursday, November 20, 2008

henna belly

I saw this image of a pregnant belly that had a henna design on it over at Soulemama.
My friend Katye posted it on her blog as well over at The Tenant Sea.
I love the idea of doing henna on the belly when it gets close to labor time. It looks amazing and is a nice ritual.
I hear that it's henna is safe - unless the baby has a deficiency of some sort - so of course I will look more closely at that if I indeed feel the need to henna. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I haven't felt the need to color my hair, have a pedicure or manicure, use deodorant ( poor jerry! ), or use any lotions or body washes that have chemicals in them so I am more likely to not do it unless I know absolutely that it's not harmful in any way. I figure that if I choose to use toxic chemicals on my hair, toes, hands, and underarms - that is my problem but when there is a little one trying to fend for itself in my belly - I don't see why I would put that stuff on me. When they say that everything I eat effects the baby - I believe pretty strongly that it must also be true about all the stuff I use on my body.
I'm on the fence about whether I will color my hair after the baby is born. I'm really loving the low maintenance of just letting my hair be what it is ....and not having to go in every 3 weeks ( my hair grows so fast ) and get the roots done. It's a pain - and an expensive one. I may look into going to the grocery store and using the color they sell there in the box. For $8.00 I'd be saving so much money and time then what it costs at the salon. But the color always seems to look better to me when I go get it done.
I guess for me - anything that has to do with my own posturing in public - or trying to project who I am in a certain way -
if it involves a slight chance of harming the baby while I'm pregnant I really don't see the point. It feels selfish and unnecessary. It's a good thing I feel pretty good in my own skin without trying to do all that stuff all the time to look "better" or "different".
once the baby is born and I am past breastfeeding - a little hair coloring, and a pedicure and manicure might be in order!
I may do this henna thing if it turns out to be a safe thing to do.
Here is a link to some really great ones I saw online.

pregnancy henna


Aline said...

Love the blog, love the photo. love you! Happy early Thanksgiving!!!

Catherine Just said...

Thank you Aline!
I love you TOO!!!!!!!!!!

mary catherine said...

i had my belly done when i was pregnant, and loved it...

drove down to artesia with some friends, had indian food, and made a day of it!

Catherine Just said...

Ohhh that sounds like so much fun!
Maybe right before my baby shower I will pick a few friends and have them over for belly painting!?

Thanks M.C. for letting me know