Thursday, November 13, 2008

made a few changes to the blog...

hey look at the little pot pie - floating in the belly bubble.

I made some changes to this blog - obviously it's no longer green. I was having troubles adding things I wanted to add. So I ditched it for this simple but easier to navigate while color.

Check over to the right - you will see links to my favorite mama blogs and now I can see who comes by.

My friend Katye in Portland started a baby blog recently. Here is the link.

check it out.

Today is all about cleaning the house - so not much to report on the baby front.
I've started to sleep on a mountain of pillows so that I'm propped up and this has helped so much with my acid reflux problem. And breathing problem. And I eat 5 small meals per day instead of 3 large ones. I stop eating at about 7:30pm which means no more dinner with jerry who gets home at 8pm. But this helps me sleep better too.

My last dr. appoint was this past Saturday. Heard the heart beating at 157 BPM. Faster then the last 2 visits. He must be practicing his kung fu in there. He's also been practicing his Morris Code. It's pretty funny. He loves it when I eat. he gets so excited. But sometimes when he kicks it hurts in unexpected places.

I'm getting another appointment made for another big fat ultrasound. The fancy one. Checking again to make sure he is comfy.

I'm looking forward to it. It will be in about 3 weeks.

Hopefully the photo won't creep us out like the last one did. We actually threw that one away. It looked like something you see in a scary movie. I don't need that as a reference of what is in my belly. FREAKY.

We still have the first one framed though - that was when the baby was the size of a pea. now he is the size of a cantalope or something similar.

Now we have 3 names we like but still on the fence about although everytime the baby moves I call it by one of the names. Not sure it will fit once we meet the little guy. We don't want to make a decision about it until we meet the little guy and see what name fits. We want about 5 names to draw from, if not more. My dad suggested Hyman after our favorite Uncle Hy. But um - no. that's not happening. can you imagine how much he'd get beat up for having that name?



mary catherine said...

We had a scary ultrasound of Matilda too--she looked like a monster skeleton dinosaur creature! Good to know they come out cuter.

Hope all is well!

Catherine Just said...

thanks for stopping by Mary Catherine!