Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ultrasound photos

Today's ultrasound photos!

The baby is doing great in there and looks very comfortable.
All the parts are developing well. Saw the heart beating - the kidneys, a well developed spine, legs, arms, head, and - boy parts !

Jerry made the doctor take a photo of the boy parts so that we had proof.

The bottom ultrasound photo has a tiny arrow on it pointing at the " area". Just above that and to the right a tiny bit is the penis.
See it???

In the photo above - the photo is of his face - turned toward us - and he is resting on his arm in the exact way that I do when I sleep. Jerry never sleeps with his arms like that so it was a bit moving to see him laying there just like I do looking at us.
I can't get over it actually. We made him!

So everything checked out and now the due date says March 3rd. One more day then it has been saying. Guess he likes it in there! I would too.

So that was a perfect thing to do the day before thanksgiving!
We are so happy to see the little guy again and to watch him move around and see and hear his little heart beating so strong.

What a nice gift.

Can't wait to meet him!


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